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The following is a list of some of the resources that Teachers Saving Children® has either promoted through its newsletters and/or distributed through its "Wonders of Life" exhibit. These materials are excellent educational materials that can be used in the classroom. Current costs on all resources are available by checking the vendor website.

  All About You (Brochure)

A colorful brochure for elementary age students. Colorful age-appropriate pictures with seven questions about when life begins. Published by Nurses for Community Education and available through Cincinnati Right to Life Educational Foundation Inc.
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  Angel in the Waters by Regina Doman
Also available in Spanish

In the mother's womb, a tiny baby grows, explores the waters, and talks with the angel who is there.
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  Before You Were Born by Jennifer Davis

A joyful "lift-the-flap" book that tells the story of mother and baby throughout pregnancy. Full color whimsical illustrations and rhyming verse combine in this beautiful book that delivers delight, information, and reassurance. Ages 4 to 8. Paper over board. Hardcover.
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  Biology of Prenatal Development (DVD)

This documentary explains the science and communicates the wonder of human development from fertilization through birth. It is recommended for use in middle and high school health and biology courses as well as introductory college-level and graduate-level human embryology courses and prenatal care classes.
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  Donnie - Lost in the Cornfield by Judy Bruns

A young boy, born mentally handicapped, wanders out of the yard and into the cornfield on the edge of town. Family and neighbors unite in concern until he is found. The "Donnie" story encourages a respect for children with disabilities.

  Eyewitness 2: The Next Generation (DVD)

An updated version of the "Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life". This fascinating glimpse into the pre-natal world utilizes 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging. An excellent educational source for schools where instruction on pre-natal development is desired. This medically accurate video has been sold to over 10,000 schools
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  God's Little Ones
Pro-life educational models
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  Hattie and Her 43 Cats by Judy Bruns

Hattie is a sweet, gray-haired lady whose memory is declining rapidly. Children will connect with Hattie's gentle, loving care for her rambunctious "kitties" and will feel compassion during her embarrassing moments. See how family, friends, neighbors, and others who impact our lives...can make a difference. The "Hattie" story encourages a respect for people with dementia and Alzheimer's.

  Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss

"A person's a person, no matter how small." This classic children's story remains the most simple and elegant way to explain to anyone, young or old, the intrinsic value of all life. Hardcover.
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  How Babies Grow (Video)

A fully accurate yet easily understood look at how the baby grows inside the mother. This 10 minute video is repeated twice on a 30 minute tape to allow for easy repeated showings.
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  How You Began (Brochure)

This six-panel, full-color brochure describes the beauty and wonder of the developing unborn life through a concise, easy to read text and four beautiful photos of the unborn.
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  If You Could See Me Now! (Brochure)

This brochure describes the growth pattern as recognized by medical information and documented, scientific research. Peferct for elementary age students.
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  In the Womb (DVD)

Now, cutting-edge technology makes it possible for National Geographic Channel's "IN THE WOMB" to open a window into the hidden world of the fetus and explore each trimester in amazing new detail using 3D and 4D ultrasound.
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  Justice Loves Babies by Danielle & Darlene Wibeto

A children's book that speaks of a little boy's love of his baby sister, even while she lives within his mom. The main character, Justice, anticipates the arrival of Baby Destiny with joy and excitement until one night when he has a nightmare that a doctor is going to take Destiny - and other babies. The authors show courage in treating, with sensitivity, honesty, and overriding love, a theme that so many writers fail to address.
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  Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

Calling this classic tale of love between parent and child a children's story is to severely underestimate the emotion all parents will feel when reading this with their children. Paperback and hardcover
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  Milestones of Early Life (Brochure)

Fetal images accompany the amazing milestones of those first nine months before birth.
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  Oh, Baby, The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss

These classic children's stories share the intrinsic value of life.
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  Preview of a Birth (DVD)

Discover the amazing world of life within the womb! This video explores the wonders and hidden mysteries of fetal development in this up-to-date, medically accurate "preview" of a birth. The video chronicles the journey from conception to birth. Each stage is beautifully explored with incredible in-utero photography, live film, and ultrasound images. It makes a wonderful resource for classroom use, especially in a sex education or health curriculum.
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  The First Nine Months (Brochure)

This brochure comes in two different versions. The 12-page brochure includes 8 full color photos of the developing unborn child as well as daily, then weekly, then monthly descriptions of development. The new revised 20-page booklet includes several full color photos of the developing unborn child as well as weekly descriptions of development. Also available in Spanish.
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  Watch Me Grow (Brochure)

Beautiful brochure that is very medically accurate through illustrations and text. Each panel has a colorful picture and text describing each of the months of pregnancy. Large size posters are also available. Brochure is also available in Spanish.
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  What They Never Told You About the Facts of Life (Brochure)

The fascinating secrets of life within the womb are revealed in this unique brochure. The brochure unfolds to reveal color photos of the developmental stages of the baby. The inside of this brochure is also available in a large poster size item. Brochure is also available in Spanish
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  You Are a Masterpiece (DVD)

Teaching children about life before birth. It is all about your home -- your very first home. It's your mother's womb! When you first arrived there, you were no bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. And now you've grown into a miraculous MASTERPIECE. The amazing world of life before birth is revealed in this five-action video. So come take a peek into your past, as delightful children interact with state-of-the-art computer animation and captivating in-utero (within the womb) photography. Crafted by medical and educational professional, this video is sure to entertain children of all ages... even if you're all grown up!
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  You Are Special by Max Lucado

In this heartwarming tale, Eli the woodcarver helps Punchinello understand how special he is.
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